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Dorothy K NYC from Dan Isaacson on Vimeo.

IV Fan Tracey Guinsburg says: Hi all at Implied Violence. I saw your performance piece at the island in NYC and was impressed enough to buy the book and enjoyed the DVD very much and all the information provided about this group. The photos I have sent here are of the 19th of Sept taken […]

When I was visiting Manhattan for the Dorothy K, I went to the Cake Shop one night to see The Pharmacy. While sitting though a paralyzingly boring noise rock act, I started talking to this tiny guy in a neon windbreaker-thing and one of those gold sticker baseball caps.

We’re exhausted, and we have been for an entire week. But we are also patting ourselves on the back because thousands of people came through our installation at the New Island Festival on Governors Island, and a sizable portion stayed to watch our performance of The Dorothy K. The house was full each and every […]