We’re exhausted, and we have been for an entire week. But we are also patting ourselves on the back because thousands of people came through our installation at the New Island Festival on Governors Island, and a sizable portion stayed to watch our performance of The Dorothy K. The house was full each and every […]

This is an article I talk about a lot. It is an article from The New York Times I read a while back, I think in March of this year, about an architecture/urban planning competition that France’s President Nicholas Sarkozy proposed for transforming Paris into the first “post-Kyoto” city. Paris is the city of love […]

“Best of…” is our good friend Joey Veltkamp’s blog about art and culture in Seattle. His blog is the best blog by one of the best and nicest people in the whole city…maybe the whole state, country, continent, hemisphere, world, and universe. Joey is a man-about-town who is seen at every event, every opening, every […]

I read this in the Seattle times yesterday. There is a documentary that Tom Chapel made me sit through called Dealing Dogs http://www.hbo.com/docs/programs/dealingdogs/ which was awful and sad and really weird. The highlight was when they were making a mountain out of dog corpses with the quote, “dead doags” Here is the Seattle times blurb: