For a limited time the beautiful and crafty Ms. Rachael Jensen is donating her talents to help IV bring back our shipping container.

The Boss: “I will only help you with the Fulbright scholarship if you help me write a theater-nerd sounding cover letter to intern at Wooster Group.” Cortez: “If you say you work for IV I will give you ALL of my letters of rec! But don’t forget who you work for gurl!” The Boss: “I […]

Implied Violence: Live at The Hideout Come one, come all to the classy and close bar/parlor The Hideout for a party in support of the classy and close theater/troublemakers Implied Violence. For the evening of Wednesday, August 19th, Implied Violence will be holding court at The Hideout, located at 1005 Boren Avenue on First Hill. […]

I am sitting now at the new Cupcake Royale on Capitol Hill. It is air conditioned, which, after six hours behind an espresso machine at my job in Madrona, feels fucking fantastic. There are so many people in here, just soaking up AC and calories. I have purchased several bottles of Evan Williams Whiskey, which […]

Implied Violence is presenting “The Dorothy K.” in New York City this September as part of the New Island Festival. The Dorothy K. is Part One of the middle section of a larger piece entitled “Flinch Not and Give Not Back”, a piece that was conceptualized during Implied Violence’s artistic residency at The Watermill Center. […]