The Dorothy K. in Dutch Theater Press

From TheaterMaker magazine, a Dutch publication:

One of the most intriguing – and disturbing – entries from [America] comes from the Seattle-based collective Implied Violence. Their piece, The Dorothy K, unfolds both inside and in front of one of Governors Island’s gorgeous federalist homes on what’s known as ‘Colonel’s Row.’ When the performance piece is not taking place, visitors to the New isLand Festival can tour the house which has been transformed into a macabre testament to death and violence. An eerie soundscape plays throughout the house which has been arrayed with a brutally conceived array of items, including pig fetuses and pig entrails. This installation – which includes a performance which the writer was unable to experience – simultaneously chills and rivets and, even without witnessing the group’s production, this American company’s ability to fuse its vision with venue genuinely impresses.

The Sound Dress Room; Photo by Tod Seelie; Click to Enlarge

The Sound Dress Room; Photo by Tod Seelie

More Photos by Tod Seelie.

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